Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School

It's time for teachers to think about "Back to School" - there are so many details.  Just the usual, classroom set-up, curriculum, changes (moving rooms or schools or new grade level), students, planning, new changes from the school or school system, etc.  Exciting, busy, and fun - that's what calls teachers back each year - a new group of students and a fresh beginning!

One of the best things I have found is communications with parents.  The age of the classroom printed newsletter is about gone.  One free way is creating a class email group.  I use google groups, it's free and easy to set-up.  All you need is an email address for each family (and this works well with blended families that may live in other locations).

You must have a google email, but then after logging into gmail, or creating an account, just click on the "More" tab on the black bar at the top of your web browser.  Scroll down and locate "Even more" at the bottom.  Scroll down to the section under "Social" and you'll see groups.  You can create a new group, and add members.  Then, it's easy to send class emails to all families.

More tips to come...