Monday, September 5, 2011

Web Tools for 2011-12

Last year, I introduced Google Apps for Education to my 2nd - 5th graders.  They enjoyed working on the cloud and especially loved making webpages.  Also last year I introduced to our 4th graders (paid for that one).  I'm continuing with those two this year, but adding in voki classroom.  For just under $30 you can get 200 logins - voki uses an avatar that students create and then allows either voice  uploads or typed script (with a choice of voice accents).  Students create these on all curriculum topics and share or post online.  We're also using a new Edmodo our school system provides to offer another web tool for students to have input for a classroom.  The 3rd-5th graders login to the 3rd grade lab or the 4th-5th grade lab.  They had two assignments.  One is to learn to make a quick post in response to a teacher request and the other is to vote in a poll.  This webtool has the look of Facebook, but does not allow students to post to each other, only as a response to a teacher.  Then the post is reviewed by the teacher before it is seen.

I use a wiki for my lesson plans and posting student work or links to their work.  Here's to a great year using web tools with students!