Saturday, April 23, 2011

Best Ideas

One of the best ideas for my classroom this school year is using a class wiki. As soon as I heard I was probably going back to the classroom, I created a pbwiki for my class. It is free and allows for so many different applications.  I use pbworks (formerly pbwiki).  It is easy to add a page for different topics and activities and easy to embed movies, and student projects.  It has also become my virtual plan book.  I post K-5 plans with state goals each week.  Parents and staff can see what the children are doing each week (and in advance).  My class site is named with my last name and the word "class," helping to make it unique in addressing and in remembering the page address.  There are links to projects, links for students to have easy access, and links to use with movies and web searches.

As the grade levels approach activities, and web searches, I can simply add a great link to a project page and it makes it easier for all of the students to locate. I believe it has improved the students' tech vocabulary, too, as they work and share their final products.  I have learned as much as the students this year and am enjoying this total collaboration with student learners.  The 3rd-5th graders enjoyed learning about web 2.0 tools and shared some tools that they use or that they see their parents using (wikis, blogs, flickr, delicious, twitter, skype, and google apps).