Sunday, September 5, 2010

What do you use?

In the computer lab this year, we are using a class wiki (, EduGlogster (, and Google Apps for Education along with digital pictures, movies, voicethread, and blogs (several different blogs at to teach the NC standard course of study.  The technology has changed quite a bit since I last taught the lab 7 years ago, but being the school instructional technologist, I've kept up with web tools to share and encourage teachers to use them in their classrooms - now I get to use them with students -- wow -- what a fun job!

What types of web tools and software are you using?  The biggest change is for students expecting to play games in the lab.  The only software games I think we will be using (at this time) are Type to Learn Jr. and Type to Learn.  If possible, we will upgrade the software and then students will have access at home (online).

I'm also looking for projects that go along with the NC SCOS and involve other classrooms.  The first project is partnering a 4th grade class with a class in New Jersey and a class in Australia.  These students will use school mascots to take on field trips and then create voicethreads to share.  I love it!  Imagine a southern US accent, a New Jersey accent, and an Australian accent.  This should make the project entertaining, interesting, cover content in instructional areas along with technology content.  This type of collaboration is allowing our students to work with others over time and space and cover instructional content.  School was not this much fun when I was an elementary student!