Sunday, May 9, 2010

Google Apps, Wiki, and Our Staff - Part 1

We had four staff development days in our computer lab. Teachers and staff came during planning time in January, February, March, and May. (In April we moved into a new building.) Total attendance was 138.

Our first day was dedicated to our private school wiki. We use it for staff communication. Last summer I happened to see that pbwiki was offering a free wiki upgrade and a free six week class in wiki’s. (And it looks like they will be doing it again this summer – check for information.) The staff learned to login to the wiki and practiced on sandbox pages. We began posting grade level notes and meeting notes on the wiki. The principal added readings to the wiki and the teachers posted reflections. We also used the wiki to develop our new mission and vision statements.

This type of staff development and time to learn something new and practice was invaluable. The wiki has had over 2000 logins from the staff.