Thursday, May 20, 2010

Google Apps and Our Staff - Part 5

What’s next? Well, that is planning for next year! As we move into the last month of school with testing, look to summer training – we have a team of 5 attending NC Teacher Academy for Technology – we have a lot of exciting plans and some summer time to reflect and prioritize our next steps.

One is to increase our Google Apps for Education to more grade levels. Currently only our fifth graders and one fourth grade class are logging into the domain with the teachers. Next year, we will have 2nd through 5th graders involved.

I can see students working in pairs, teams, across classes, and grade levels to complete projects using web 2.0 tools and google apps for education. Plans have been developed and ideas are bouncing around to work together to develop skills and projects and share these with others.

One step at a time, we become stronger and wiser and make progress in learning together.