Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Google Apps and Our Staff – Part 4

On May 5, our staff met for our fourth day of Google Apps for Education. On this day we shared google sites, blogs from blogger.com, and google groups.

We use google groups to send email 2-3 times a week to interested families and community. This free listserv allows us to share important information, news, events, and pictures with our community. I also use a google group for our local Friends of the Library board. It keeps us informed and connected.

I also shared two articles. The first was “Why Schools are Turning to Google Apps” http://mashable.com/2010/04/28/schools-google-apps/
The second article was “Improving School Communication with Google Apps” http://www.edutopia.org/google-educators-school-communication

This year we got very busy with our move into the new building, packing up materials and equipment for the move. Moving and setting up again, learning new technology – we have the “classroom solution” in all classrooms in the new building – called the 21st century schools. It is fantastic! This move and learning curve of this new technology has kept us busy learning and communicating.