Sunday, March 21, 2010

Google Docs - Presentation

Here's an idea for using google presentations to study a unit, giving groups of students different topics to study and work cooperatively to present to the class. The teacher creates a presentation, putting the name of the presentation in the title box and putting the students in the group in the subtitle box. Then the teacher shares the presentation with these students. See the lesson plan and rubrics to learn more details.
Lesson Plan
Google Docs – Presentations

Teacher divides students into groups for making presentations on specific topic and shares with these groups of students. Students work in groups as they participate in presenting topic to class.
This presentation takes 2 class periods and 2 computer lab periods to prepare, with 1 class period for groups to share with class.
Teacher chooses unit of study and divides topics in groups. Teacher assigns students to groups. Teacher creates basic presentation with title and names of students in group for subtitle. Teachers shares each presentation with appropriate group members. Teacher prepares a list of requirements to include with each topic. Teacher prepares a rubric for assessment.
Teacher shares groups topics and group members with students. Teacher shares sample project. Teacher shares rubric for assessment. Students meet as a group and begin research on assigned topic. Students have two class periods to work on project. Students have two computer lab periods to work on project. Students can also work at home on project.

Students share completed presentations with classmates in classroom or computer lab. Students are given rubric assessment by teacher (privately). Students comment on presentation of other groups and use self-assessment on own group.

Assessment Rubric for Group Presentations
Directions: Circle one sentence on each row below the headings to represent the group presentation.

Excellent Good Needs Improvement Incomplete
All students worked equally on completed project. All students worked on completed project. Most students worked on completed project. Some students worked on incomplete project.
All parts of project content demonstrates understanding and deeper insight into topic content. All parts of project content demonstrates understanding of topic. Some parts of project demonstrates understanding of topic. Content is at basic level of understanding.
Presentation includes audio and video content in exceptional presentation. Presentation includes audio or video content. Audio or video inserted does not work. No audio or video.
Photos included show levels of ideas in presentation. All are cited correctly for copyright. Photos included demonstrate ideas in presentation. All photos are cited correctly for copyright. Photos are included, not necessarily on topic. Not all photos are cited correctly for copyright. No photos.
5 points 4 points 2 points 1 point
HTML Tables

Rubric for Group Presentations - Self Assessment
Directions:  Read the table below.  Circle one sentence in each row that tells how you worked in this group.  You may have circles or answers in different columns.

Good Needs Improvement Incomplete
I finished all of my work. Other people did some of my work. I did not do my work.
I listened and responded to my group. I helped when someone asked me. I didn't listen or join in discussions in my group.
I shared my ideas with my group. I shared at one idea. I did not share with my group.
I helped my group with problems. I listened when my group solved problems. I did not help or vote when my group solve problems.
I worked on my part of the presentation. I worked on some of my part of the presentation. I did not complete any of my part of the presentation.