Monday, January 11, 2010

Traveling Through Twitter

One of the unusual aspects to twitter, for someone like me, who works in a job with no travel (teacher), I find the network of people who use twitter broadening.  I love to travel and bring back those experiences for my students, but this is not something that happens often.  I spend all of my county supplement on my classroom and there is just not that money or time to travel - I dream of traveling when I retire, but that would be so different, no students to return to to share.  The web has brought the world to my home and classroom, which is great!  Twitter has brought the personal touch to these experiences with contacts - pictures and short bio's of twitterers - which brings faces, personal contact to this network of educators who love to learn and to share.  I love the ideas and find comfort in other professionals who want the best for their students and continually strive to improve.  Folks who are not satisfied with the status quo and want to get better every day.  I can spend time checking the ed tweets, clicking on the urls's and adding them to my delicious bookmarks to share with the staff at my school.  It is amazing how teacher's love to share good ideas and that is wonderful for our students. This aspect was surprising to me, but as helpful as the ed chats and other web opportunities.  Just one more tool to help me keep updated.

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