Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not High Tech, but Touches the Heart and Senses

Cotton, the therapy dog, visits our school several times a month.  He loves to listen to children read.  Students leave their classroom in small groups and take turns reading their favorite book to Cotton.  He looks at the child who is reading and wags his tail, showing comfort and approval.

The children are encouraged in their reading and happy to read daily so they can read to Cotton the next time he visits.

The NY Times has an article about research on pets and the effect on humans today (Jan. 17).  There hasn't been much research over the years.  In 1987, a NIH study suggested more study on the effect of pets on health and child development.  With a background in child development, dog rescue, raising children with pets, teaching a regular classroom, I'm thrilled  to hear about this research.  Children should have fun and loving approval while learning at home and school.

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