Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Read Around the Planet

Time for teacher sign-ups for Read Around the Planet - this year eight teachers have signed-up.  This is 30 minutes of "fun" sharing reading, writing, skits, learning, but emphasis is on fun!  With all of the testing and time spent on test sophistication, this type of interactive activity with another class shares the joy of reading, the pleasure of sharing what you read, and for children who may not see their parents reading (may be asleep) or just our busy lives, this emphasis on reading for pleasure, besides the reading for information done in schools, jobs, businesses, allows the spark of reading fun to remain active.

Mrs. Church's kindergarten (right) has participated several years.  They enjoy sharing poetry. We have classes from kindergarten through fifth grade at our school.  The upper grade students usually prepare a skit or act out a favorite book.  All of these communication skills help our students learn and grow.

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