Monday, November 23, 2009

Phones & Driving

This is my 2 cents worth:
Technology - it is great and there are apps for just about everything.  It can become a "jazz" thing of always learning the new thing and moving on with it, but you should always look at the application and its uses and even its effect on others.  Recently I saw a tweet about a website that offers "hands free" apps while driving.
This might be a great thing for a few folks who may be driving long distances with little traffic around them, but for many who are driving in dense traffic or bad weather, this could be just the one thing too many that causes an accident.  When I am stopped at a traffic light, I will answer my phone, but as soon as traffic begins again, I say good-bye, or use the other option and pull off the road.  Driving while talking on the phone does distract the driver from giving full attention to safety. This cartoon says a lot. It's not just their safety, but the safety of all who are near-by.  Take responsibility for yourself and others.  Leave the phone alone while driving.  As of December 1, 2009, it is illegal to text while driving in NC. Talking on the phone is legal while driving.

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