Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Flip Cameras on Field Trips

Our principal just purchased six new flip cameras for upper grade students to use.  This will be a great addition to field trips - imagine when our 4th graders go the the North Carolina outer banks this spring...  The history there:  there is the mystery of the "Lost Colony" in Manteo, what happened to that first colony and the first European baby born here?  The shipwrecks off the coast, the legend of Blackbeard who lived and pirated these waters, and died here, the wild horses found on the northern banks and on Ocracoke -- these horses are of Spanish descent (checked by DNA) and are thought to have survived when ships wrecked and swam to shore to live and reproduce.  The horses' descendants still inhabit the islands.  The thrill of visiting the historic lighthouses, all with unique histories and the joy of the students capturing this on camera and making movies when they return to school. There are so many reading, writing, communication skills, technical skills and just plain fun in learning opportunities that it will take awhile to post it here and on the school webpage.  -- And this is just the example of one field trip.  There will be many to come.  Yippee!

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