Sunday, September 6, 2009

Looking for Ways Technology Can Connect Students

In our state we study our state in 4th and 8th grades. For 3 years we had a wonderful connection with a school in the mountains. That teacher retired and we have been working on finding other connections for the past two years. We'll still continue to look for interactive videoconference partners, but now will change our question or search to looking for other ways to connect with these classes so our students can learn and share together.

Of course, these same sources would work for searches for global connections of all types.
  • try Skype in Schools to locate someone in the U.S. or other countries (back out on the address -- take the Directory off)
  • try twitter - search for country names -- you'd be surprised how fast you may get an answer! -- twitted once about my son's wedding and honeymoon in Italy and within 10 minutes had a fellow from Italy twitting me with train stations, prices, and places to stay
  • new list for Technology Facilitators in NC posted a forum request there
  • NC ITS login - has lists of school served by NCVIP
  • ning groups - several - Videoconferencing, Global Education Collaborative, Classroom 2.0, Tools for the Classroom
  • then there are the blogs, too
  • Twitter for Teachers
  • listservs & websites - several of these websites have a listserv bringing you the new information daily - TWICE or Capspace, CILC
    I plan to continue my search for partners, whether we use videoconferences, wiki's, blogs, or skype. Students connecting directly to students is a powerful way to learn.
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