Saturday, August 29, 2009

Scheduling IVC for Fall 2009

We've updated the choices and are ready to meet and talk with grade levels about the opportunities this year for videoconferencing. The NC Museum of Natural Sciences has added a new program that fits well with our 3rd graders and their field trip to Reynolda Gardens.

The second grade teachers are taking a step forward and are participating in our own project posted on TWICE. We have many more responses than we will be able to use for partners. This project has the students studying weather (2nd grade curriculum in our state) and participating with a partner class twice, once in March and once in late May. We will use the state standards and lessons as we share our local weather information and activities over these two conferences. The project set-up easily uses science skills, presentation skills (oral communication), study and research skills. The actual interactions are similar to presenting a play or skit, and a lot of fun, too.

One goal I have for our school as we begin our seventh year of interactive videoconferencing, is to reach not only for the excellent content programs from our state and national institutions, but to tailor our own projects to fit our specific students, their skills, their content, and their needs for growth.