Sunday, July 12, 2009

Teacher Tech Academy - Our Adventure Begins

Mrs. Howard, Mrs. McDermon, Ms. Leonard, and Mrs. Throckmorton (all teachers at Rural Hall School) began a great adventure traveling to ECU for the 21st Century Classroom: Digital Learning Environment at NC Teacher Academy.

The fun began in the car on the 214 mile trip from Rural Hall to Greenville. We laughed and shared ideas for next year. Talked about vacations, good books to read, and had some "catch up" time that teachers rarely get. We had a great meal and fantastic accommodations in a spacious new dorm. The first class was an introduction to the locals at the University and the instructors for this week.
  • 21st century strategies
  • 21st century technology tools
  • GPS devices, GeoCaching, digital cameras
  • Google Earth, Picasa, Audacity, Audio recorders
  • PhotoStory 3, Grantwriting, Moodle, Smart Software

    Monday - 1st Full Day - GeoCaching - Will we get lost? We will survive the summer southern heat? WIll we have fun? Yes! Tune in tomorrow for the fun details!
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