Monday, July 13, 2009

GeoCaching - NC Tech Teacher Academy

Today we're off - we are a team 6 - to locate 15 caches around ECU. Lots of walking, maybe some rain (80% chance) but only 80 degrees! Should be fun - after a few tries, we can try some digital recording for an introductory student video. Students you are going to love this!

Geocaching is an electronic scavenger hunt. Using satellite technology, the gps locates several satellites and the reader screen has a latitude and longitude and altitude.

We are using a digital camera, an audio recorder, a gps unit, and being the lucky 4th person on the team, I will be using the hd digital camera to record (love being behind the camera instead of in front of the camera).

Cool - we can really use these skills to locate historical locations in and around Forsyth County and share with other 4th grade classes in NC. We are in the piedmont region and would love to share with schools in the mountains and coastal plains.

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