Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer - Tech Refresh

Time to reflect. School's out; vacation on the outer banks with relaxing family memories; time to complete some projects and take a few online classes and update some of my skills.

Currently I'm in week two of a three week PB Works Summer Camp. This online free class gives teachers a free upgrade pb wiki for a year. I currently have two, one for our school and one for my own personal learning network. It will take some thought to decide what to do with the free wiki, but I'm sure it will be good use for my students.

An uncompleted project is adding some laptops to the student group that can be checked out from the library. Then, there is a week at Teacher Tech Academy. Next is another online class and that will complete July. In August there is a presentation with Peg Kirk from NCSSM to some principals about videoconferencing. Also, I'll probably be at work the first couple of weeks to move and rename computers to accommodate changes in staff and several other miscellaneous changes. There is also a family wedding and that will also have some "tech" time, so all in all, it will be a busy summer when you add in some reading for pleasure time, gardening, treadmill, walking the dogs, and more home cooking. These unpaid two months off are so important in refreshing, updating, re-energizing and keeping the excitement in learning.