Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Digital Flat Stanley 2008-09

Today we mailed home our four participating Flat Stanley's -- safe journey to you Flats! This fantastic project produced by Heather Weisse Walsh, sends each participating classroom of students to four different locations through-out the school year. What fun, learning, and excitement for communication this project brings to our students. We posted on the Digital Flat Stanley Wiki, too.

Outside the distance learning classroom, we posted a big US map and put small Flat Stanley's on each town we visited through-out the school year. That's 16 different cities, so our students learned a lot of geography. We shared weather, our communities, our state's, and favorite things. We took some cool pictures from our town, county, and state to share with the other locations that also gave some history, famous landmarks, and businesses and colleges located in their areas. We made large photos from our digital pics to share with our partner Flat Stanley classes. We shared poems, skits, favorite foods and favorite school subjects. We mainly learned that having Flat Stanley allowed us to learn a lot of different things in a fun way. We ended each of the sixteen journeys with a videoconference to see and talk to the students in the partner class.

Journey 1
Ms. Sisson's 1st grade traveled to Ms. Stelly's class in Houston, Texas.
Ms. Hollifield's 2nd grade traveled to Ms. Marino's class in West Orange, New Jersey.
Ms. Hicks' 3rd grade traveled to Ms. Koch's class in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.
Ms. Morefield's 3rd grade traveled to Ms. Hunter's class in Hopewell, Ohio.

Journey 2
Ms. Sisson's Flat Stanley traveled from Houston, Texas to Mr. Isselman's class in Birdsboro, PA.
Ms. Hollifield's Flat Stanley traveled from West Orange, NJ to Ms. Rowe's class in Douglasville, PA.
Ms. Hicks' Flat Stanley traveled from Nazareth, PA to Mr. Graham's class in Magnolia, Ohio.
Ms. Morefield's Flat Stanley traveled from Hopewell, Ohio to Ms. Eisenhard's class in Birdsboro, PA.

Journey 3
From Birdsboro, PA, Ms. Sisson's Flat Stanley traveled to Ms. Brown's class in Norristown, PA.
From Douglasville, PA, Ms. Hollifield's Flat Stanley traveled to Ms. George's class in Houston, TX.
From Magnolia, Ohio, Ms. Hicks' class traveled to Ms. Henderson's class in Irving, TX.
From Birdsboro, PA, Ms. Morefield's class traveled to Ms. Mueller's class in Houston, TX.

Journey 4
Leaving Norristown, PA, Ms. Sisson's Flat traveled to Ms. Graap's class in Fairfax, VA.
Leaving Houston, TX, Ms. Hollifield's Flat traveled to Ms. Haber's class in Waymart, PA.
Leaving Irving, TX, Ms. Hicks' Flat traveled to Ms. Cleveland's class in Steelton, PA.
Leaving Houston, TX, Ms. Morefield's Flat traveled to Ms. Pries' class in West Chester, PA.

Now all Flat Stanley's are going on the last journey, home to Rural Hall School. We have learned a lot and had a fantastic time sharing and meeting students around the US. Have a great summer, Flat Stanley and read a lot and be safe. We'll look for you next year! ;-)

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