Thursday, April 16, 2009


Next Thursday, April 23 we are connecting to the Carolina Center for Excellence to share IVC with K-12 media and technology specialists who are there for a two day meeting/workshop. We are happy to share our experiences in videoconferencing. Each time we connect to another school, classroom, state, or country, we learn new things, make new understandings and connections to people. What a concrete way for students to learn similarities and differences, one of the basic lessons in elementary social studies and, most important, "civil" living--sharing this globe, we need to reach out to others to understand, build respect, and develop ways to share and understand other people and cultures.

On Thursday, April 30, we are connecting to the International Education Group at the School of Education at UNC to share our experiences with videoconferencing. Again, this is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the face to face connections we make every week between students at our school in Rural Hall, NC to students in other towns around the world.

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