Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thinking Out Loud

One thing I do daily is look through emails, websites, and listservs. Of course, google reader is helpful. Originally I was looking for sources to create my position of "distance learning coordinator." I wasn't quite sure what that was, so being the dutiful student, searched and found a good online course at Univ. of West Ga. offering a year long course with a Distance Learning Certificate. That began my new adventure from a K-5 classroom teacher to interactive videoconferencing in 1998.

Some of the listservs and websites that have been helpful in my area are:
  • International Society of Technology in Education -
  • Global Leap --
  • Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration --
  • NCIH - K-12 Videoconferencing --
  • NCSSM --
  • NC Museum of History --
  • NC Museum of Natural Sciences --
  • NC Wildlife Resources --
  • NASA Digital Learning Network --
  • Collaborations Around the Planet --
  • Read Around the Planet --
  • COSI --
  • ISTE Ning Community --
  • Southwest Net Distance Learning --
  • Connect 2 Texas --
  • MAGPI --
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education --
  • Self Learning Links --
  • Saint Louis Zoo DL --
  • Reef HQ Aquarium --

  • Another thing that has made it easier for me is my .mac membership, which makes podcasts and vidcasts streamlined processes. We take a couple of hundred pictures every week and send them to the local weekly newspaper, make movies of them for our news introduction, post on blogs and wikis, and send home to parents on a yahoo group listserv. Of course, we obtain permission from all students for videoconferencing and posting pictures. This helps build a school "community" and ownership for students and staff and culminates in 5th grade students participating in the school news program. -- I believe I've definitely left the original topic and rambled a bit here. Still waiting for the snow.

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