Saturday, February 28, 2009


Last day of Februrary and this is probably the busiest month for us in videoconferencing at Rural Hall School. We still have three more Read Around the Planet connections next week, but in the past two weeks have completed Megaconference Jr. and three Read Around the Planets along with two digital Flat Stanley's besides our regular museum visits. Time to take a breath!

Next week is the NCTIES conference in Raleigh. Looking forward to going and listening, learning, watching, and refreshing, not presenting. It's good to have time out to learn and not be "producing."

Hopefully the sleet, ice, and snow due tonight and tomorrow won't slow us down. :-)

Just received a kindal reader Thursday. Like it so far. Although it has been quite a long time since I read something for pleasure and not for work. Bought two books for it. Quite easy to use. Although one of the books I bought I've actually already read! Maybe a snow storm and something new to read (pleasure reading) would be good!

Saturday afternoon and just checked the computer lab for a horrible virus that seems to be around our county. None found here - thank goodness! Scans complete and time to go home.

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