Thursday, January 29, 2009

Megaconfernce Jr.

In the midst of all the work with our students to prepare for Megaconference Jr. and our dress rehearsal, we are loosing our Principal of 17 years. He is retiring tomorrow. Last month our Assistant Principal retired. Our school, students and staff, are off on new adventures as we continue our learning and growing. We will miss our former leaders and wish them the best.

This year in Megaconference Jr. we have two interactive partners (both from the U.S.) and our 4th graders are working with 8th graders from a middle school, Kennedy Learning Center, in Winston-Salem. In North Carolina, the students in 4th and 8th grades study the state. So these older students are taking a lead while working with our 4th graders to share a skit, student movie, and Jeopardy game with our interactive partners. All of this takes place in 30 minutes while the world watches. We will spend the rest of the day doing such things as watching other productions in Megaconference and being the interactive partner in some of these productions -- all of this takes place in less than three weeks! Now that will wake up the winter doldrums!

Check-out Janine Lim's blog on Megaconference Jr. - She gives some great tips!