Friday, December 5, 2008

New Class - Fun!

Excited and enthusiastic! I haven't seen our teachers so excited over technology in a while. We have 12 teachers in a workshop via videoconference with NCSSM. It is two afternoons a week (3:3-5:30 + homework). They are excited and having fun learning new skills and feeling technology literate! Just like our students, we need to keep learning new things/skills; besides keeping us updated, it continues to remind us how puzzling, confusing, and frustrating students can feel when approaching new material. It keeps us honest as we work with students understanding a new concept. Having that error and stress free environment of working together as a team is working really great. We have a good teacher in Durham and are making progress. Although we are a loud bunch, we just mute our microphone as we chat and work together. We have posted several new class blogs on our school website. You should check them out and follow along as they continue.

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