Tuesday, December 30, 2008


While "catching-up" (does that EVER happen in technology) on reading, I found an email with a link to the Edublog Awards 2008 - time to vote. Well, each of the many categories has wonderful and thought-provoking ideas, truths, perceptions, possibilities... Oh, my head is swimming with ideas and possibilities. This is not too many cups of coffee speaking... Oh, how I wish I could work with these folks - well, I guess I can by reading and not being afraid of educational change and trying to implement some of these ideas. What a great time to be a teacher! Although there are many out there afraid of change and the work it requires, I find it exciting that change from the 1900 type classroom allows for many students to be engaged in learning and even excited about learning. A community of learners also includes the teachers who can facilitate learning and be taught by students in some areas. Saw several ideas that make me think, "We should do this at our school."

To begin this adventure in reading go to the Edublog Awards 2008 and click on the links to read and begin some "catch-up."

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