Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Digital Citizenship

Have you seen the article in T.H.E. Journal about digital citizenship? It's worth reading. This is a good discussion of "what, why, and how." This article mentions the website Digizen.org, which is "owned and operated by London-based nonprofit Childnet International. Our staff will be reviewing Mike Ribble and Gerald Bailey's ISTE publication, Digital Citizenship in Schools this spring in staff meetings. Of course, like anything else we teach in school, if we don't set the example, we are automatically harming students by our observable mis-use. Students still need to see value in digital citizenship and understand it is a choice of an informed, polite, and mature society to place our personal usage secondary in some situations.

The article continues on with a summary of the 9 steps in the Ribble and Bailey book.
1. Etiquette
2. Communication
3. Litracy
4. Access
5. Commerce
6. Law
7. Rights and Responsibilities
8. Health & Wellness
9. Security
You can purchase the book at ISTE's website store.

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