Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Updates for May 13

Please do NOT update desktops or teacher laptops to SP3 (service pack 3) until notified by the school system. This update may try to start automatically and if so, you should say "NO" -- this update may cause problems with our wsfcs software and services; they will test this software and let us know when it is safe to use on our computers. THANKS!

Technology Facilitators - 077 or 079
There is a legislative item for the state budget that would place a tech fac in each school. This is needed by our continued use of technology in 21st century learning. You can write an email to the Forsyth Legislative Delegation recommending this position. Currently this position is paid for with local funds or school funds, which are threatened each year. Many states use this position to help students and staff advance in technology uses and meet the new standards for technology learning, NETS. These goals are changing from learning "skills" to "application" in students and staff ability to collaborate across time and space with web 2.0 tools and, for us at Rural Hall, videoconferencing (H.323 technology).

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