Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7 Update

Lots of information to share from 2 months of meetings. Please read and let me know if you have questions.

Virus Scan
If you see a broken line or symbol on your blue virus scan icon on the bottom right of your taskbar, you need to "alt, control, delete" and choose task manager. Click on the processes tab at the top, if you see "authenicat" then you are OK and your web filtering is working. If you do NOT see "authenicat" under the processes running list, then you need to log off the computer and logon again.

Student Information
AUP - the grape colored paper is for the cum folders and goes at the very back - these are only sent once, with new students to wsfcs and for kindergartners. We need to encourage all parents/guardians to approve use of internet. I'm happy to talk with parents and explain what we do. Even if this is denied, the students is NOT off the computer, but only internet. Computer skills are part of the state mandated SCOS, so must be taught.

IMPACT study
This can be accessed on the ncwiseowl website. All schools can use this model and it is highly recommended by DPI.

Technology Plan
We are asked to think about where we should be in five years. This is a very difficult topic as many of the software, hardware issues for five years from now are not yet here. Think about how we can change our thinking, teaching, and skills to keep our students interested while teaching SCOS and relevant topics. This conversation should be ongoing. Please post comments or email me any suggestions or ideas.

I will offer this at school next year if you haven't had it. We should NOT use google with students. NetTrekker is screened by teachers and is on target with elementary curriculum.

Shared Folder
If you want to have access to your student's work, get them to save a copy to the "student shared" folder on their desktop. Inside there is a folder for each teacher. Go inside the teacher folder to save. This way you can check, print, or grade and resave to this folder. You can pull up a student's work and "track the changes" by editing or correcting and then resaving. It saves time and is fairly easy. I'm happy to show you how.

Be sure to check the YouTube and TeacherTube movies on the school wiki. The "how-to's" are excellent. The one about using excel for a poster is easy to follow and makes a nice product. An example poster is on the computer lab door, "Museum of History Mocassins to Motorcars."

Grade Level
Next year it would be great to meet with each grade level to see what you want for technology staff development here at Rural Hall School. We can develop projects and set-up access to the WIKI and class blogs for students to share work. The new NETS standards require students to "use" 21st century skills to collaborate, not just use an excel ss or word document or powerpoint presentation. We can put our heads together and come up with some easy strategies to help you do this with your students. The new teacher NETS standards will be unveiled this summer at NECC. They are tough, so we can look at how we want to work on these, too.

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