Thursday, May 8, 2008

Internet vs. Computer Use

Remember that all students have permission to use a computer at school, as it is part of the SCOS. Because the computer is part of the SCOS, students may not be kept from using a computer. They must have parent permission to go on Internet, the dark purple form in the cumulative folder.

Also be aware that websites we use at school are FILTERED. If students have access to these same sites at home, they may or may not be filtered, depending on parent choices for Internet. This is an important topic that schools and parents should be clear about. A recent article in ISTE's Learning and Leading with Technology (Volume 35, Number 7, p. 26) discusses this subject and gives 4 steps to prevent a problem.
1. parent-education program about Internet safety and content filtering
2. see that teachers understand that web sources inside wsfcs are filtered and these same sites may NOT be filtered at home or in other locations (hence, use NetTrekker at school and home instead of google for elementary students)
3. use district supported web 2.0 resources (google docs and pb wiki and blogger are on this list)
4. stay alert to news and changing resources - stay updated

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