Thursday, May 29, 2008

Digital Citizenship

Is this a new buzz word in the ed tech community or the real deal?

Our tech meetings always give us much information - information that takes time to comprehend and understand the consequences - today at our meeting we received a copy of Digital Citizenship in Schools. Interesting ISTE book. This fits into an empty area and appears to be a much needed resource for filling this gap in teaching and learning. With newly created technology a daily event, changing the lives of students, teachers, parents, families, communities, we must approach an ethical way to use this exciting technology in positive ways to benefit the world community. Section 1 asks some important questions, gives a definition of digital citizenship, and then lists 9 elements that explain and expand the idea. Using technology engages students and requires that we think in ways other than the routine 19th century classroom that is so familiar and "comfortable" to adults. The comfort zone of knowing what to expect is tempting, but may not be the best way to learn or to reach students.

More as the book is digested.

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