Friday, March 14, 2008

Videoconferencing - IVC

Monday and Tuesday were spent attending the IVC workshop at NCSSM in Durham, NC. These two days offered time with experts in NC and around the US in interactive videoconferencing. There were people on the technical side from the state ITS and from NCSSM who guided new users through set-up. There were discussions of e-rate funds. Many successful programs were highlighted and Chris Hall's programs in Gaston County were amazing. The videoconference sessions to other sites were informative, humorous (Grossology LIVE), and interesting (Cleveland Art Museum). I found several new contacts for Rural Hall School and also new program providers for our students. One contact read a blog from a workshop contributor from Michigan, Janine Lim. He is now heading IVC in a school district in Texas and is originally from Winston-Salem, so he emailed to set-up some contacts with our students. What a great experience via Michigan! Another great contact is Donna Farren from Rochester, NY, who also is the district IVC technologist. These contacts give our students possible connections in curriculum content sharing this year. What a great way to show you have learned content material than sharing it with another class in another state. We are looking forward to a fantastic year in DL at Rural Hall School.

August 8, 2007

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