Friday, March 14, 2008

Traveling to Concord for the NCaect is an adventure. Even the drive back and forth is educational if you car-pool. Finding new freinds who are talented, excited about their work, and bring enthusiasm to their students and staff is a shot of joy and adrenaline to be your best. Riding with April Patterson was informative, fun, and her school is lucky to have her as the instructional technologist.

Then you arrive for the conference of folks who have similar goals, desires for doing their best for students and staff, and experts to share knowledge, along with co-workers who have special activities, and experiences to share. Teachers need this boost in learning and enthusiasm; conferences inspire and make you look to why you are doing the job.

Of course, it looks like "time off" but teachers know better, there is still that work to come back to and catch-up on. But now it's done with a different attitude and outlook. The newest buzz is on wiki's. I looked at wiki's a year or so ago, but didn't see how it would be used at school, so just let it rest there awhile. Then, last fall we applied to present at Megaconference Jr., and when we were accepted, the connection just made such sense. We tried the wiki to collaborate with our partners at Vann School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Catalonia, Spain. That project, on the drought in the southeast, was completed and presented on February 21, 2008. Now, we're going to try some grade level simple postings/projects. There's also a simple way for students to share books on the Books We Love page. We'll just give it a try and see what works and doesn't. Suggestions or experiences are always welcome!

Had a great conversation with Ellen Mulhern at the last conference session today. It was a moodle class and she had the fantastic idea of using it to put some basic computer directions or workshops online.

March 14, 2008

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