Friday, March 14, 2008

School wiki and WSFCS wiki

Visit the new WSFCS wiki! It is located at:
There are a LOT of great ideas and links there. Check it out!

Have you visited the Rural Hall School wiki? There is a link from the front page of Rural Hall SchoolCenter. It is
We used it for collaborating with our partners in Megaconference Jr. as we researched the drought.

Check out the changes wiki - there are locked pages and pages that students can edit/add information. One for all K-5 students is the "Books We Love!" page. It allows students to add a short statement about a book, fiction or non-fiction. Students should only add their first name, along with the author and title. There is a link on all pages that students can edit that gives advice on editing and using a wiki. If you allow your students to use these pages in class, please go over this "advice" page with them.

There are also two new project pages for fourth and fifth graders. Project pages can be added for all grade levels or projects, just let me know.

I do change the password for student or contributor access, which is called an "access key" on the wiki. The access key for our wiki is currently "rhes."

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